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Storage Containers FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ section where you’ll find detailed answers to frequently asked questions about storage containers in Detroit, MI.

How is a storage container constructed?

Our supreme storage containers have a robust construction designed to endure the severe conditions of sea transportation. The corrugated stainless steel walls sit on a high tensile steel rigid framework and are covered with full marine-grade paint for better isolation. The floor is boarded with durable rot-proof marine ply mounted on steel cross members. Standard units have a single door or double doors at one end equipped with full-height locking bars and a high-security lock.

What is the difference between 20’ and 40’ storage containers?

These numbers are simply used to denote two different standard container sizes. 20’ and 40’ storage containers are 20 and 40 foot long, respectively.

What are high cube containers?


High cube containers are exactly one foot taller than their standard height counterparts that are 8 foot 6 inch high on the exterior and 7 foot 10 inch high on the interior. This additional height significantly increases the overall storage capacity of the container while also adding several tons of extra weight.

How much does a standard storage container weigh?

While a 20’ container weighs approximately 2.25 tons, its 40’ counterpart reaches up to 4 tons in weight.

Where can I put a storage container?

You can place a storage container both indoors and outdoors as long as you’re capable of providing sufficient room for it. Note that we use crane-equipped trucks to deliver the containers that are being set down from the side of the vehicle. Therefore we require at least two dozen feet of extra width to offload the unit. To perform the offloading, we’ll also have to extend the crane to its maximal height, so make sure the site isn’t blocked by overhanging cables or trees.

Should I put anything underneath a storage container?

Being totally self-supporting, storage containers don’t require any specific foundations. The only condition is that they should be located on level ground for the doors to function properly. To make the container sit, you can support each corner with a concrete paving block or use railway sleepers. Once leveled, a storage container is capable of admitting up to 30 tons of cargo.

Do I need to carry out any maintenance?

We offer the most durable storage containers in Detroit, MI that offer years of maintenance-free service when used domestically. To prolong the life of your storage container, make a habit of regularly greasing the door hinges and locking rods – that will help fight off rust and keep the doors in good working order.

Does a storage container require planning permission?

Since storage containers are non-permanent, you’re unlikely to run into a trouble. However, if you plan to put the unit in a residential area, your neighbors might not like it. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, we strongly advise you check with Detroit planning authorities.

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed in this chapter, feel free to contact our representative at 888-410-9690 any time of the day. We’re always glad to lend our customers a helping hand!

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