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Refurbished containers

Generally, storage containers are designed for 10-15 years of active use. During that period, they get surface rust, dents and dings that make them shabby-looking and unsuitable for further service. However, a complex refurbishing procedure can considerably prolong the life of a container while also adding a designer’s touch to a standard unit.

How are storage containers refurbished?

Hole patching

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Even the tiniest penetrations in the container sidewalls and ceiling can ruin the thoroughly supported temperature levels inside the storage and let moisture in. Therefore the first thing we do while refurbishing a used storage container is patching all the holes in its metal surface. If the opening is very small, we simply seal it up with a special mortar mix, while any sizable holes are completely plated over using new metal sheets.

Floor board replacement

Subsided or rotted areas of the floor require board replacement. For that purpose, we use durable leak-tight marine plywood designed to withstand harsh sea voyages. Depending on the floor condition, we can either fix it up here and there or refloor completely to ensure a sufficient level of structural integrity.

Surface leveling

In case there are any dents in the container walls, we will disguise them by applying a binding agent and painting them over until we get a smooth, homogenous surface. Of course, the dents will still be noticeable from the inside, but since you don’t see the container interior on a daily basis, there is nothing to worry about.

Priming and painting

A fresh layer of paint will give your container a nice shiny look, just like the first day you bought it. Even at a close distance, a fully refurbished container is hard to tell from a newly purchased storage unit. We use the highest-quality marine grade enamel to make sure the color stays on for many years regardless of weather conditions.

What are the advantages of refurbishing a used storage container?

Lower price

Naturally, a used storage container will cost much less than a new one. Even with the price of refurbishing factored in, the final amount of money spent creates a lot of space for economy. The cost of renting a refurbished container will also depend on the unit’s size, scope of minor repairing and selected paint color. While light shades typically require base primer, darker colors can be applied directly to the metal surface of the container thus allowing you to avoid extra expenses.


After the refurbishment, a storage container will regain much of its former durability and safety. With all the holes patched and all the rotted floor boards replaced, a refurbished container boasts nearly the same security level as a brand new unit. Why pay more for the same perks when you can have it all for half the price?

New design

Being obviously a very minor argument in favor of storage container refurbishment, design possibilities still play their tiny part in the decision making process. Refurbishing a container is just like redecorating an apartment. You get to change the wall color, interior finishing and add a number of other fascinating tweaks of your own invention. Creative-minded people will definitely consider that while deciding whether they should buy a new storage container or refurbish their old one.

While renting perfect storage containers of all kinds in Michigan, our company also offers refurbishing services for those wishing to make their old storage container usable again. Get in touch with our agent at 888-410-9690 for detailed information.

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