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Lighting and electrical options for your storage container

Even though a storage container is essentially meant for storing non-living objects that don’t care whether it’s dark or light inside, installing a couple of light bulbs is a reasonable decision that will save you time and nerves on multiple occasions. Instead of carrying a flash light that’s easy to forget, let us equip your on-site storage with an efficient and reliable illumination system fully customized to meet your particular needs.

Storage container illumination types

Overhead lighting

The most popular interior lighting option for a storage container is overhead lighting, much like the one we use at home. We recommend mounting 2-bulb florescent fixtures that offer an optimal visibility level, although the lights can easily be configured in any desirable way. For 20’ containers, we mostly use two lights, while 40’ storages typically get four. In addition, we can install multiple switches for convenient illumination control from various locations within the storage container.

LED lighting

This type of lighting is best suited for containers located in remote areas with no constant power on-site. We will connect the LED lights to a small battery to provide you with a steady source of electric light regardless of how far from the nearest power station you are. Moreover, LEDs are more durable and economic than standard light bulbs, which makes them a perfect option for bill-conscious customers.

Porch lighting


Aside from interior lighting, we also offer exterior lights to illuminate the immediate area surrounding your storage container. For instance, we can equip your container with porch lights hung over the door or near the windows. This is essential for those frequently visiting their storage at night time when it’s easy to stumble and fall in the dark.

Flood lighting

Illuminating the entire perimeter of your storage container, flood lights provide both extra visibility and extra security. On your request, we can equip them with motion sensors to trigger the lights even at the slightest movement in the proximity of your container. With our flood illumination system taking care of curious eyes and undesirable visitors, you can sleep assured knowing your belongings are locked away safely.

Additional electrical options


Our company can also equip your storage container with standard 110V two- or four-plug receptacles. Depending on your preferences, we can completely flush mount them or leave them exposed on the wall surface. The configuration of receptacles is totally up to you; they can be placed in any area of the container, including the exterior. Should you decide to locate a couple of outlets on the outside of the storage unit, we will supply them with waterproof covers to avoid short circuit.

Data & Phone

Finally, we offer multiple data and phone connections within your container for you to stay in the calling area no matter what. Using highly reliable, securely coated lines, our technicians will terminate them to one of the built-in receptacles for convenient and clean communication. You can now make all important calls regarding your stored items right on the spot without rummaging through your bag for a cell phone!

Supreme Storage Containers, the leading renter of containers in Michigan, will quickly and professionally install electrical wiring in your on-site storage and take all necessary safety measures to prevent overheating and power outages. To find out more about lighting options available, call 888-410-9690 and discuss the details with our tech assistant.

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